Our Team

Vedia Johnson Assoc RICS : Director and Estate Manager

Vedia is an Estate Manager and an Associate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.   She has been managing her own and other residential property portfolios for over twenty years. She has been a director of three property companies: Bickenhall Mansions Management Ltd and Melika Ltd (residential management companies) and Platinum House Right to Manage Ltd.

Suki Sabharwal : Bookkeeper

Suki is our Bookkeeper. She handles all of the financial matters from service charge collection to budget and forecast updates, as well as the legal matters such as service charge debt collection and credit control.

Hallie Walters: Administration Services Manager

Hallie is our Administration Services Manager. She has worked within the property management industry for over 10 years. Previous to this, she was in the Insurance sector as a liability examiner for a Top 3 Auto Insurer in the US. She oversees all general administration, legal enquiries and compliance matters for the company.


We work with a team of surveyors who project manage major works projects by acting as contract administrators and making sure that all major works projects are managed within time and on budget

Earl Kendrick Associates: https://www.earlkendrick.com

BDS Surveyors: http://bdssurveyors.co.uk


We manage all of the finances ourselves but some leases stipulate independent audits are carried out so we also work with a team of accountants that can carry this out cost-effectively on your behalf:

ES Partners


We have teams of handymen, builders, electricians, plumbers, drainage, gutter, cleaning, gardening, roofing companies, etc., that we work with to ensure that buildings are managed to the exact standards that any leaseholder would expect.

Our Founders

Vedia Johnson Assoc RICS: Director and Estate Manager

Vedia manages several properties in central and west London. For example, she was a director of Melika Ltd, which manages a block of 18 flats, for 5 years.  When she took over, the majority of the flats hadn’t paid the service charge for nearly five years due to the lack of work carried out at the premises and a lack of communication from the previous manager. When she left the board after nine years, in 2018, the service charge was in credit, the communal areas had been redecorated and they are now able to begin upgrading various parts of the building.

Vedia is also a director and deputy chairman of Bickenhall Mansions Management Ltd, which runs a large Edwardian building of 224 apartments, at the junction of Marylebone Road and Baker Street. She joined the board in 2014 and implemented procedures to run the building more efficiently and effectively. They are just about to embark upon a communal area upgrade taking into consideration the heritage and important location of the block.

Simon Burke FCA: Co-Founder and Former Director 

Simon is a chartered accountant and has been CEO or Chairman of many well-known retail and consumer businesses. He has been a landlord for 20 years and has stepped in to run several buildings in which he was a leaseholder, at the request of fellow owners. He is a co-founder and former Director of Johnson Burke, stepping down in 2021 to focus on the many other companies that he is Chairman and director of. 

Simon has managed buildings in West Kensington, London, for some 16 years. He became involved initially because of serious problems with existing managing agents, such as major building works running massively over schedule and cost, unpaid service charges threatening insolvency, disputes between leaseholders and the freeholder, and lack of proper maintenance.  He has continued to act as managing agent “because I could see how poor management had damaged the value of my property, as well as threatening me with huge unexpected service charge demands,” he says.  “Now every block is well-financed and we are able to plan a maintenance programme, which keeps the building looking good and avoids nasty surprises with the service charge.”

Block management experience: Right to Manage

Vedia worked for many years on the Right to Manage (RTM) process for another block of 171 flats. This is a very lengthy process but is well worth doing if you want to take charge of your own budget or have a freeholder that isn’t managing the building correctly. There are many legal pitfalls but, if carried out correctly, RTM can save thousands of pounds in costs and fees. Vedia is happy to advise on the suitability of a property for this process, guide you through it, and introduce you to the  legal advisor you will need in order to conclude the process successfully.