Why we are different

People who understand your needs – we talk your language:
building language!

Johnson Burke & Co Ltd was founded because, having been investors and managers of property for over forty years, the directors had seen too often how poorly building owners and residents were being served by managing agents. So they developed a model based around customer service, transparency, honesty, value for money and sensible: all resulting in a straightforward approach to managing your building or estate.

In particular, we offer:

  • A common sense approach
  • Good, competent management of the building
  • Complete transparency – no hidden commissions
  • Balancing long term and short term needs with what is affordable
  • Clear regular communications
  • Satisfaction guarantee or your money back*

We are not estate agents or developers but hands-on owners and managers with real life experience of how residential property management should be done. Consequently, we talk your language and understand your needs. Common sense, competent management. Most block management does not have to be difficult or troublesome. Up to now, we have managed blocks where we ourselves are also leaseholders, and so we have literally handled every block as though it were our own. We will bring the same approach to your block, whether it is large or small (we’ve done both).


Many managing agents receive commissions that they do not disclose to their clients. Some operate in partnership with contractors or agents, who are not necessarily the right choice for every building.

We will always disclose any arrangements we have which affect your building. In many cases we have shared commissions so that service charges are reduced. You need never worry that you are not seeing the full picture.

Balancing needs

We will give both owners and residents an early and honest appraisal of the needs of your building, both short- and long-term. We will then work with you to come up with the best, most affordable way to plan for the work needed.

Keeping a building in good shape and looking well helps to maintain the value of everyone’s investment.

Good communication

We are spending your money, so we recognise the importance of telling you what we are doing, what is coming up, and generally keeping you informed about your property. You will always be able to contact us and we will meet with you as often as required to discuss the building and address concerns.

Money back guarantee*

We are so confident that we will be a breath of fresh air in your building that we are willing to put our income at stake. If after our first year you are not satisfied with our service, we will not only put it right, we will refund [half of] our fee for that year.

*Terms and conditions apply to this offer

Case studies

Case 1

Block A is a small block of 8 flats and 4 shops built around 1900. When we became involved, there was a crisis. Works intended to take 6 months had dragged on for over 2 years, with scaffolding covering the front of the building; there was deadlock between the residents and the managing agent; the builder had walked off site; 2 residents and all 4 shops were refusing to pay service charges; and one shop-owner was threatening to sue the freeholder for prolonged disruption to trade. Oh, and there was no money in the building kitty.

Within 18 months, not only were the works concluded, but service charges had been brought up to date, the residents were happy with the running of the building and the freehold company had enough funds to meet its liabilities. This was done without any additional levy on residents – we brought down insurance premiums, shared the commission, collected outstanding debts, and cut unnecessary admin costs. After another two years, and a modest increase in annual service charges, a sinking fund was built and today, thanks to a programme of staged improvement, we are most of the way to bringing the whole building up to a very high standard.

Case 2

Block B is a small estate of three blocks with 18 flats in total. For years it had been managed by an owner/occupier who collected the service charge but then, due to work commitments, didn’t file the accounts, only paid the communal electricity bills, hired a bad cleaner and paid no attention to the requirements of the lease regarding refurbishment of internal and external areas.

Service charge arrears grew steadily and the whole estate started to fall into disrepair with leaks into flats due to clogged guttering, main front doors not opening properly, the gardens becoming overgrown, rubbish being strewn everywhere, etc. All in all the value of the properties stagnated and rental values declined.
Within a year, we had redecorated the common parts, fixed the gutters, sorted the leaks and now the estate is a desirable place to live.