What we do

Residential Property Management

Our job is to give you peace of mind about your building ensuring that:

it is being well looked after

the service charges are up to date and money is sufficient for the basics and future needs

it is well-managed

there is a plan for long-term maintenance of the building

you know what is going on

We do this for freeholders, owner occupiers, Right to Manage companies, management associations, landlords and others.

Your bespoke proposal

  • A service level agreement, setting out what you can expect from us
  • A work plan (short, medium and long term) of all weekly, monthly, annual activities
  • A financial plan for all service charges (including a sinking/reserve fund)
  • A contractor review (cleaners, builders, etc.)
  • A legislation review (Health and Safety, Fire Safety, etc.)
  • A communication plan (we can set up Twitter, Facebook or just send emails), and a meeting schedule
  • Monthly/quarterly reports summary
  • A clear statement of our fees and any commission we will earn
  • And anything else you think may be important

Making it easy.

We know that it might seem daunting to change property management company, but we can handle all the details, including the transfer of everything from the current property manager.

Working with you

Here’s what we would expect to do for you:

We will run the operations hands-on and visit the building as often as required. Being visible on site is important!
We look after your money in a completely separate client account. We look after service charge collection and we pay the bills. We operate an open book policy so that you can see your accounts at any time. We will produce accounts as you require and arrange statutory year-end accounts for filing if needed.
Our team can take calls and have email access on the go so can deal with things for you promptly. We can also prepare newsletters, emails or social media feeds for you if required. The important thing is that you know what is happening with your building. This applies to freeholders, leaseholders, tenants and advisers, whatever the ownership structure is.
We will deal with contractors as though we were spending our own money. We have a roster of professionals who have proved their reliability and value to us over the years, but if you have contractors you want to use we will be happy to include them.
We will keep you up to date with all the legal requirements for your building. We’ll also handle transfers of leases, filings and other administration tasks. We hope you’ll never have to sue anyone, but we can handle that too.
We will attempt to plan for every eventuality, however, we understand fully that things can happen and this is when we make sure that issues, etc., are resolved swiftly and efficiently.


You can considerably improve the way your building is run and even reduce costs .

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