Fire Risk

We have been working with an extremely reputable risk assessment company recently and reviewing all of our buildings to ensure that they are fire safe. What has really shocked us is that, even though almost every building that we take over has had a fire risk assessment within the past couple of years, there are [...]

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Resident Management Company Directors : a thankless task!

There are many positives about owning a leasehold property:  sharing costs of major works, insurances, health and safety procedures, amongst many others. However, the pitfalls can be huge if there is bad block management in place. Many buildings are managed by resident management company directors that have basically  fallen into the role, generally, not because [...]

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General Election Manifestos include more new homes: but don’t mention better practices for residential property management or Leasehold reform

When you buy a flat, no one every says 'Is the block well managed?'  And more often than not, it really isn't. Over the course of the lease life, bad management of a block/estate can have a major effect on the value of your property and can also turn a desirable living environment into a slum no matter [...]

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Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted that you have chosen to come and have a look and we welcome feedback so please feel free to comment! We are a team of landlords that has been operating in the property arena for many years now and has become disillusioned with the way certain things have been handled at a [...]

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