We are delighted that you have chosen to come and have a look and we welcome feedback so please feel free to comment!
We are a team of landlords that has been operating in the property arena for many years now and has become disillusioned with the way certain things have been handled at a number of buildings where we own flats ourselves. So rather than just sit back and complain, we took the bull by the horns a few years ago and became directors of the property management companies looking after the sites. This then lead to us thinking that if we could do this for ourselves, we could probably manage properties for others too. Hence Johnson Burke & Co Ltd was born.

We are based in West London and so will cover every area within the M25/M4/M1/West End Section. If you own a flat anywhere in or around that area, give us a call for an informal chat about anything that is worrying you (about your property, that is!)
We pride ourselves on having the complete tools to be able to help any run down, badly run property, or even if your building is managed well but you don’t want the responsibility of it any more, talk to us and we can help.

We actually love what we do… even finding leaks that appear to be coming from nowhere can be fun if you see yourself as a bit of a building detective!!
So here we are…. ready to help you to manage your block or estate efficiently and effectively.